The roof of metal

Always thought that the roof is the main house. And what will be the roof of the house it depends solely on our choice. Earlier, people preferred to straw, slate or tile usual. And now rely on materials such as metal.

This new material, in addition to high performance, gives the building a striking and original look. Metal, differing lightweight, inexpensive and available in a fairly wide range. Preference is given to this cover people that focus on affordable, yet beautiful and durable materials.

Metal - economical range of roof

Modern technology and materials make it possible to produce metal roofing, which is completely "indifferent" to any changes in temperature, abundant rainfall and excessive sun exposure. If you are using metal roofing - a crack in the roof will remain in the past. Installation of such tiles is quite simple and is carried out in a short time. The main thing when choosing a tile - the right to determine the manufacturer and pay attention to the thickness of the used steel and plastic cover.

If you think that metal imported suits you, you can get it right on the day of payment. It is only 4 standard sizes. Patriotic metal tiles of any size and any configuration can be ordered from the manufacturer. In this case, have to wait for her to make. Tiles can be covered with plastic to choose from - or matt polyester or pural or plastisol. If you are satisfied with the standard sheets, they can be purchased from our company "WOODWILD".

Installation of roofing metal

When mounting of metal construction, pay attention to the ventilation of the roof, under the roof because hot air will accumulate. To prevent moisture concentration, mount a simple structure. It will air cool to ambient temperature without forming condensation. The structure of the rawer the better should be designed and implemented ventilation.
We recommend that you invite krovelshikov our company, you are not severely overpay for their work, but the roof will be installed properly and in time.


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