Terraced systems from Сeramic granite

Ceramic self-supporting tile is the latest professional flooring system. Successfully allowed to use for the arrangement of internal false floors.
The thickness of monolithic ceramic plates is 20 mm, the sizes are 600 by 600 mm or 450 by 900 mm.
As a floor for the exploited roofs ceramic granite is installed on adjustable supports. Such a floor covering allows to make a gasket of hidden communications and quickly carry out their repair without the need to dismantle the entire coverage completely. Installation of the material can be performed by workers without special training.
Plates are absolutely safe for the health of people, because in contrast to some natural stones do not emit radon and other radioactive and harmful substances and gases.
Finally, ceramic granite is resistant to stains and is easily cleaned.
To calculate the number of pillars it is necessary to use a coefficient of 3.5 pieces per 1 meter square.

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