Composite roofing

The main criteria for choosing a roofing material - resistant to precipitation, temperature fluctuations and intense UV radiation. All of these characteristics has a composite tile: it is not subjected to mechanical damage, absorbs noise, has extensive decorative possibilities. The good operational qualities of the material are achieved due to the technology of its production: steel plate with aluzinc coated on both sides and acrylic resin, the surface is sprinkled with rock dust.
As a granulate using stone chips of different breeds - quartz, basalt, granite. Most collections made in natural colors, often a combination of several colors. Shape Tiles can be any, but more popular undulating relief. A layer of rock dust provides a composite tile durability, noise reduction and beautiful appearance. Cracks, small defects on the surface can not be seen as crumbling or worn over time granulate can be restored.
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The exact calculation of the composite roof

It is necessary to sort out how much material you need to purchase for your roof, so much of money you spend. Many manufacturers offer their own electronic system, based on the official websites where you want to make all parameters spetsialysty WOODWILD company will help you calculate the necessary amount of material and the cost of arrangement of the roof. The final estimate of value must be specified roofing pie (insulation, vapor barrier) and assembly work. The price of packing depends on the complexity of the roof and the need for insulation and construction of roof system.
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Installation over old coatings

One of the advantages of the composite tile - the possibility of laying on top of old coating, which is especially convenient for reconstruction of old houses and a worn roof. Before installation, check, do not miss any old material water - if such a flaw is detected, further enclose a layer of waterproofing film. For packing crates on top of the seam roof beams pick up the size of 5x5 cm, with step-crates should be 50 cm. To make mounting on top of slate, it is necessary to consolidate the bar into the recesses of the wave-like profile, with the height of the bar must be greater than the height of the wave. If a piece of wood, wider grooves, trim it - it will help you fix the crate at a relatively one-level surface. Crate of shingles attached so as to seam roof and furthermore between the old and the new coating can be laid an additional layer of insulation. Installation of composite shingles over old material is carried out in a conventional manner similar to installing a system on the building.

Prices for installation of the pie for the preparation of the device of the roof
n / a Name of work Unit. Price, UAH
Cake for the preparation of the device roof
1 Installation mauerlat pcs. 20
2 Installation of roof system sq.m. 60
3 Installation of vapor barrier sq.m. 10
4 Installation of the bottom batten sq.m. 15
5 Installing insulation sq.m. 20
6 Installation Gidrobarer sq.m. 10
7 Installation kontrobreshetki sq.m. 10
8 Mounting batten sq.m. 20
9 Mounting plates OSB 10 mm. (Shingles) sq.m. 25
The company "WOODWILD" specializes in works on installation of complex roofs. Price per sq.m. It depends on the complexity of the roof. We also proponuemoe assistance in selecting materials and departure on obekt to measure the roof, to implement the measure is issued to the customer specifications for the desired amount of material for the roof. The cost of exit metering 300 UAH. up to 50 km. from Kiev. When ordering the installation of the roof at our company stopped payment for part of the cost of the work



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