Price from: 0.00грн.
Titanium-zinc Rheinzink klassycheskyy
Price from: 0.00грн.
Titan zinc roofing VMZINK
Price from: 0.00грн.
Patinated copper sheet roofing KME
Price from: 0.00грн.
Oxidized copper roofing sheet KME
Price from: 0.00грн.
Oxidized copper roof roll KME
Price from: 0.00грн.
Oxidized copper roof roll KME
Price from: 0.00грн.
Classic roofing sheet copper KME
Price from: 0.00грн.
Aluminum folded roof PREFA

Seam roof - is one of the most common types of metal roofing, which is made mainly of galvanized rolled metal, it is also used painted metal factory last anticorrosion treatment. I am standing seam roofing in fact you can make almost any metal having a roll or dlinnolistuyu form, such a roof can be made of copper.

The peculiarity of standing seam roofing is its monolithic design, reliable locking - fold, durability and relatively low cost.

As a bridge between the sheets of metal used folding machines, the Fold is a type of lock that is obtained by folding a & nbsp; terminals adjacent metal sheets thus turned to s permanent connection.

Types seam lock

1. A single standing seam - unflattering bending one end of the metal over the pre-tucked by 90% carrier sheet. This type of folding is the easiest and fastest of manufacture, but it does have one drawback, when poor-quality crimp roofing sheets can simply break up.

2. Double standing seam - reminiscent of the lower part of the tube of toothpaste torsional such rebate is done on the basis of the first type of folding, but the release is not connectable metal 5-6 cm and 10-12 cm, with individual volvulus connection. Roughly speaking, made a single standard folding with a turnover around the longitudinal axis of the castle. Such a rebate is already much stronger and more durable than the first, but the rate of installation of the roof with this method is slightly reduced, so the spacecraft had to use additional tools.

3. Single and dual shut-fold - it produced around the castle on the same principle as the single standing seam with further turning and stacking it in a horizontal position, a seam has a high bonding reliability of roofing sheets. But it is quite difficult for installation of the roof, takes a considerable amount of time.

Compatibility of roofing materials

+ Combination of acceptable

- & nbsp; The combination is unacceptable

Roof - one of the important stages of construction of any home, and perhaps the most important and responsible, so if you decide to buy roofing materials in Kiev, the company WOODWILD help you do it.

Without a roof of any building will become worthless very quickly, so the choice of the type of roofing materials and most importantly the company. which will carry out the installation of the roof must be approached very responsibly.

Company WOODWILD except roofing, roofers a very high qualification, with many years of experience in creating roofs of varying complexity that can make your roof a reliable, beautiful and accessible.
& nbsp;

& nbsp; Aluminum Lead Copper Zinc-titanium Stainless steel Galvanized steel
Aluminum + + - + + +
Copper - + + - + -
Lead + + + + + +
Stainless steel + + + + + +
Galvanized steel + + - + + +
Zinc + + - + + +
External application of steel hollow rods unacceptable
Prices for installation of the pie for the preparation of the device of the roof
n / a Name of work Unit. Price, UAH
Cake for the preparation of the device roof
1 Installation mauerlat pcs. 20
2 Installation of roof system sq.m. 60
3 Installation of vapor barrier sq.m. 10
4 Installation of the bottom batten sq.m. 15
5 Installing insulation sq.m. 20
6 Installation Gidrobarer sq.m. 10
7 Installation kontrobreshetki sq.m. 10
8 Mounting batten sq.m. 20
9 Mounting plates OSB 10 mm. (Shingles) sq.m. 25
The company "WOODWILD" specializes in works on installation of complex roofs. Price per sq.m. It depends on the complexity of the roof. We also proponuemoe assistance in selecting materials and departure on obekt to measure the roof, to implement the measure is issued to the customer specifications for the desired amount of material for the roof. The cost of exit metering 300 UAH. up to 50 km. from Kiev. When ordering the installation of the roof at our company stopped payment for part of the cost of the work

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