Terraced system now word used to call decking - almost any street wooden floor, although initially it is only derived from the word deck translated from English. Terraced system is one of the subgroups decking, it applies only outdoor wooden floor, for ORGANIZATIONS OF terraces and platforms.

Decking price in Kiev to buy. The cost of terraced and facade systems are very affordable System Terrace buy in Kiev will help our company WOODWILD. Cost terraced systems very affordable. The founder of widespread use of terrace of America became, because of its climate and geographic location, and the lifestyles of Americans, and the cost of raw materials for the production of such a coating.

In today's world, a lot of manufacturers that produce such products, but our Ukrainian market are only a few major players, it is foreign companies LEGRO, Bruggan, Mirradex. It's almost All terraced system are made of composite materials, that is not 100% pure natural wood.
On the other hand the use of composite systems terraced much extends the life of both the board and the whole of the coating, such coatings are quite tolerant to wear and corrosion. Also worth noting is another group, the so-called thermowood, which does not require special impregnation and constant care.

Decking system - the differences from the front

Buy facade boards in Kiev Many confused decking and facade boards are not giving sufficient weight to the difference value. The most bolshyim difference between the front and terrace board vystpaet its form and shape of the fixing lock. Since different type of boards attached in different ways, respectively, and fasteners are also differences. While fasteners are the same, not to be displaced from the board appointed her place, still need to decking fasteners less responsible, and for that would seamlessly and securely mount the facade boards need to use more robust e fasteners. Also, the board has ottlichny exterior decking view from the castle end of the board, which is tapered for improving the removal of direct exposure to water. and the weight Decking heavier and has a thickness of more than a facade board.
What Cassano chitso visual appearance and the exterior decking and board can be absolutely odinvakovye figures that will give your home a unity and harmony with the adjoining terrace.

We invite you to buy a terraced system we have for quite reasonable prices. WOODWILD official dealer of many manufacturers terraced systems. Also, our company is able to provide you with a installation services terraced systems in your facility, experienced professional installers to quickly and accurately produce purchased decking installation.



Then they do not clean the hands of Delco offer you to buy expensive terraced system in unjustified amount, we consider it our duty to help you save money for the purchase of decking.

Therefore, each developed project installation terraces, we provide detailed information on all sizes of terraces, with computation of each board, adjust scores and residues. This makes it possible at the design stage to know exactly necessary number of composite or wood decking , the number of fasteners and accessories for installation of turnkey terrace.

Example markup terraces for the calculation of the amount of material

An example of the markup terraces

The layout of decking on logs with dimensions

Example layout decking on logs with dimensions

Plan layout board with undercuts

layout plan board with undercuts

Plan the layout of the board by using residues from undercuts

layout plan of the board, using residues from undercuts


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