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If you are interested in the construction of a wooden house or a bath, then surely you will be interested in the question of building a house for his iron horse, we mean the garage. As it is unusual for our man sounds a wooden garage for the car, but it is so for the car, we also invite you to build a garage on the same technologies that are used, and in the construction of the house.

Why build a wooden garage or carport?

Wooden build a garage. Garage of or sauna sbruba logs profiled timber price. You ask why eco-friendly car garage, he is not a man .. The answer is very simple, first is the right decision in terms of the design of the whole complex of buildings you agree to have a beautiful wooden house, a shed and a gazebo next to build a dull stone room Car ?. Secondly it is a trivial cost savings, because the cost of a wooden garage as well as lower than the brick house, but the functionality is generally a separate conversation.

Well, here you needed to organize the garage a place where there will be shelves, hanging organizers, etc. in a stone garage, you need to do? Right punch to find, buy anchors, drills, plugged in, and so on, half-day pass until you begin to work, and you just take a wooden hammer and nails and everything. You can nail the shelf anywhere in the garage without using power tools. Five minutes of work and you have to organize a workplace or a mini warehouse.

Secure garage of wood

About Reliability wooden garage nothing to say, it is as strong as your wooden house, a safe and beautiful. Many are confused in a wooden building fire safety, we hasten to debunk the myth that the wooden houses are sunbathing in seconds, or whether you've tried to set fire to a deck with a diameter of 20cm.? try, look how long it will take you .. burning houses and garages are not walls, and interior decorations: curtains, drapes, furniture, carpets, etc. and then maybe if the fire lasts long enough to possibly begin the process of burning walls. Wooden house or garage, you can only burn intentionally! Especially on the market of building materials there are lots of tools for surface treatment of fire protection, so that the safety of wooden structures on a very high level.

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