Roof - one of the vazhnыh stages of construction of any home and can u bыt and samыy and Responsible Important, Therefore vы If reshyly materials krovelnыe buy in Kiev, Inc. This WOODWILD of help you sdelat.

Without any roofing Home prydet in nehodnost Very quickly, Therefore Choice for roofing types, materials and most importantly the company. kotoraja roof assembly will be held Nuzhny Very otvetstvenno approach.

Company WOODWILD except roofing materials, raspolahaet krovelschykov Very vysokoj qualifications, with the roof mnoholetnym Experience Creating razlychnoy complexity, kotorыe mogut, sdelayut your nadezhnoy the roof, and dostupnoy krasyvoy.

PRICE perform in roofing works and Complexity Category (Simple dvuhskatna roof)
n / Naymenovanye works Ed.yzm. Price, USD
Pie for preparation Device roofing
1 Installation mauerlat pcs. 20
2 Installation stropylnoy system sq.m. 60
3 Installation parobareru sq.m. 10
4 Lower lathing Installation sq.m. 15
5 Installation uteplytelya sq.m. 20
6 Installation hydrobarera sq.m. 10
7 Installation kontrobreshetky sq.m. 10
8 Installation lathing sq.m. 20
9 Installation OSB sheets of 10 mm. (for bytumnoy cherepytsы) sq.m. 25
Material roof
10 Faltsevaya sq.m. 150
11 Karamychna sq.m. 130
12 Composite sq.m. 130
13 Bytumnaya sq.m. 80
14 Ondulin sq.m. 50
15 Metal tile sq.m. 50
16 Decking sq.m. 45
Okladы vent.kanalyv in Crawley
17 Faltsevaya sq.m. 800
18 Karamychna sq.m. 400
19 Composite sq.m.
20 Bytumnaya sq.m.
21 Ondulin sq.m.
22 Metal tile sq.m.
23 Decking sq.m.
Installation mansardnыh Oconee (Velux, Fakro, Roto)
24 Installation of mansard Ocna pcs. 800
Vodostochnыe system
25 Installation vodostochnoy system (plastic) pcs. 70
26 Installation vodostochnoy systems (metal, copper, aluminum) pcs. 90
27 Installation vodostochnoy system (s Propayka copper compounds) pcs. 150
Installation of curtain nyvysu
28 Wooden frame pcs. 50
29 Plastykovыy sofyt pcs. 40
30 Installation derevyannoy lining with pokraskoy pcs. 80
31 Installation metallycheskoy lining pcs. 50
32 Installation lobnoy dosky (wood + Metall) pcs. 30
Company "WOODWILD" spetsyalyzyruetsya to perform works on installation slozhnыh roofs. Price per sq.m. Needless complexity dependent from the roof. We Also proponuemoe assistance in material and vыezd podbore on obэkt zamera for roofing, perform measurements on Customer vыdaetsya by SPECIFICATION Quantity Nuzhny for roofing material. The cost to vыezda zamer 300 USD. 50 km. But Kiev. In order installation of the roof at our company pay for zamer Included The cost of works


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