Facade systems made of wood

Price from: 2 376.00грн.
The wooden facade boards of Acacia
Price from: 1 350.00грн.
The wooden facade boards of Thermospeed
Price from: 1 250.00грн.
Timber terracotta board from Termoklen
Price from: 750.00грн.
The wooden facade boards of Thermocouples
Price from: 400.00грн.
Imitation of beam
Price from: 400.00грн.
Block House

The facades of our houses are in need of protection, because they almost always affect a variety of negative environmental factors, including, precipitation, solar ultraviolet light, high and low temperatures. All this may lead to the fact that the materials from which the walls of our homes, may not only lose its beauty, it can be irreparably damaged, which results in the need to replace these materials.

That is why, in recent years began to enjoy great popularity facade systems, which are special structures used for facade and protect the aforementioned discharge the same from the effects of adverse environmental factors. In the first place, such an effect is created through the provision of high-quality natural ventilation surface of the facade, as well as through the add mechanical protection from rain and sunlight.

Buy organic and composite facade systems in Kiev Of course, the question may arise as well as the facade systems are protected themselves, because they are after the installation will determine the aesthetics of the facade. To answer this question, it is necessary to understand what constitutes such systems. This is a composite and wooden facade systems natuarlnyh both imported and of our domestic production. Composite façade system is very well tolerated by the constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and resistant to the external environment. Natural wooden facade systems also sposbny cope with this task, due to the fact that the material for their production itself is very durable and resists the effects of the environment. The only thing that using natural facade is still apply special proityvayuschie substances that are absolutely safe for human life and health, but harmful to the fungus and insects.

Buy high-quality facade systems as a composite of natural wood so you can have our company WOODWILD, we have the best prices for this type of building materials, a large range of related products such as paints and primers for wood protection.
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