Timber frame house

Building a frame house - This is another type of building, which has its pros and cons.

frame house construction, technology build a frame houseAs in any construction process, the house begins with the foundation. foundations for frame house can be significantly different from our usual under a brick or gazoblok. The fact is that the weight of the frame house is much less than their counterparts in stone, respectively, and the foundation does not make sense to do at times heavy and unnecessarily expensive. Also, due to their relatively small weight in frame houses there is a very big plus is the ability to build them where ordinary house is closed, meaning that the ground under the house can be much less stable and solid than for the construction of the stone house.

The construction of frame houses has come to our country from the United States, where the percentage of such housing is very fought and this is due primarily to the high speed of construction, ease of installation of the house ( it is actually possible to bring one big truck), environmental material and of course the value of!

We used all the same build of a heavy material such as brick, concrete, concrete, or heavy wood.


Technology frame house

The technology of building a frame house almost suggests itself from the name, it means that in fact for that would build what or building, we need to first create a frame made of timber, and then sheathe its wall panels, to produce heat - sound insulation work and finish, that's all the house is ready!

Build yourself a frame house cost price domo komlpekta frame house. The frame house can build almost any person, even with no experience in this matter. But we still recommend use the services of experts, it will help you avoid delays in construction, save money and nerves, because in each case there is still little tricks without knowing which is quite difficult to bring it started to its logical conclusion. It is worth noting that frame house price rather low.

The company offers WOODWILD build frame houses under the key . Our experts with extensive experience, to quickly and accurately build you a frame house that can not be distinguished from the same stone.

Generally wooden house is much more efficient than houses of brick, aerated concrete or concrete. The content and maintenance of any wooden house is much lower than traditional stone, to live in a wooden house more comfortable and enjoyable life with proper care or slightly less than, fire at the same level as that of the brick house.

The wooden house is the guarantee of health and good mood!


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