PVC membrane roof

Exits of ventilation shafts are often equipped on flat technical roofs, industrial and commercial and entertainment facilities, centralized air conditioning heat exchangers and other equipment requiring regular access are installed. And that means the roofing should maintain integrity with intensive use. One of the youngest and most promising roofing materials for flat roofs is a PVC membrane.

What is a PVC membrane and what are its advantages

Flat roofs are also called exploited. Read more about this type of roof in the article “What is an exploited roof”.

For such a roof, the coating must be durable, at the same time flexible and elastic. And also resistant to temperature extremes and ultraviolet. Flexibility and elasticity is necessary because with a large roof area the building "lives", "breathes" and has backlash, seasonal expansion from temperature, etc.
The PVC membrane meets all these requirements, in addition, it is made in bright colors, which reduces the heating of the roof in the summer, thereby reducing the cost of air conditioning.
Traditionally, for this type of roof, bitumen roofing material or liquid mastic was used. The sealing method was simple, materials and components affordable.
But the method of laying roofing material is laborious and environmentally dirty, you need hot bitumen (resin), and / or open fire. During the day it was possible to cover an area of ​​no more than 200-300 m2. In the summer heat, the black bitumen roof was very hot, bitumen began to flow, an unpleasant odor appeared. And after a couple of seasons, cracks appeared, and it was necessary to look for and cover up the places of damage.
PVC (polyvinyl chloride) membrane is a new generation material, and is devoid of most of the disadvantages of its predecessors.

Installation of a roof made of PVC membrane

After measuring the roof by our specialists and discussing upcoming works, the company’s technical department performs a complete calculation of the required amount of material and all types of work.

Installation of PVC membranes will provide the necessary level of protection when covering flat roofs. The process itself should be controlled by competent specialists who have the necessary experience and relevant skills. At the same time, for the installation of a PVC membrane, the price will directly depend on the type of the selected roofing material, as well as the area of ​​work, urgency and other personal characteristics. Find out the exact prices and features of the work is possible when contacting the manager of the company "WOODWILD".



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