Wooden pergola in the garden at the cottage

Order pergola in Kiev with the installation Pergola - the design of which can be attributed with certainty to small architectural structures. Such structures have been and remain very popular in the Mediterranean countries, and are becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine. Kind of a canopy decorated with climbing plants, today also adorn the yard every private home.

Pergola buy - this is what people ask when they want to learn everything about this design, and they are partly right because to create any object you need to know the price. The construction of such a structure as a wooden pergola price and the period depends on the complexity of the material of manufacture, and the size.
Often such structures erected to create interesting transitions from the gazebo in the house, the house in the economic structure, or from one part of the building to another. In addition, the pergola itself can serve as the original gazebo. This design provides the ideal support for the grapes, flowers and ornamental plants. In a word, the original awnings create a shaded area in the gardening area.

Varieties pergolas

  • Construction of a canopy attached to the wall of the building;
  • Canopies in the form of a screen is ideal to hide some parts of the territory of curious looks from strangers;
  • Support in the form of a pergola arch usually installed directly at the entrance to the site or in places of transition from the patio to the garden;
  • Supporting cantilever canopies or pavilions in a gazebo are often adjacent to the house or the terrace;
  • Pergola in the form of tunnels are placed along the garden alleys, everything for transitions between buildings located on the site.

Pergola construction and order

For the construction of decorative awnings most commonly used plastic, metal, wood, concrete structures and natural stone. The most environmentally friendly and safe material for the construction of pergolas is considered wood. Order the construction of pergolas, you can have our company WOODWILD, we can offer you both standard projects pergolas, and also provide you with personal projects, and you can provide a unique project that we are happy to sell.

How to create a pergola?

Such a structure can be built in a short time. In the beginning you need to do some calculations to correctly calculate the force budget and your desires, and to relate it all to the layout of the site. Often, a wooden shelter erected in the so-called recreation area where you installed the barbecue area, BBQ. Remarkably will look pergola near the artificial pond, fountain or swimming pool. Wooden pergola will last a long time, if there is no direct contact with the soil structure.

Pegrola order in Kiev individual project For this purpose, it is recommended to properly prepare the base, which will be attached the support-pillars. It is recommended to use crushed stone, gravel and concrete solution. The depth of the base depends on the size of the canopy: the larger structure, the deeper must be the foundation. Since the pergola will be constantly exposed to the external environment, the wood must be treated with special agents based on lacquer for protection against insects, rot, mold and mildew. To look unique wooden structure, it is recommended to choose plants that will be able to decorate a pergola.
The most suitable plants for this purpose are considered vines, curly varieties of roses, clematis, hops, honeysuckle. In addition, it is possible to plant annual crops, such as sweet peas, and beans.


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