Order the construction of wooden baths in UkraineBath - a place where you can not only wash, but also fully recuperate. Traditionally, all the Slavic peoples especially prized wooden bath.
Visit bath allows to strengthen health - displays the body of toxins, and temperature differences help to strengthen the heart muscle. It literally "joined" in the life of the Russian people.

Today, there are many choices of materials for the construction of a bath - a brick, aerocrete, wood-concrete blocks. But sauna, built of wood, has a number of key advantages.

The main advantages of wood baths:

1. Environmentally friendly material.

Wood - a natural and environmentally friendly material. The most positive is happening impact on human health, because the bath, built of natural timber, identifies environmentally friendly resin and filled with the smell of the forest. The healing properties of trees such as spruce and pine allow the person to calm down and relax completely.

2. Ease of installation.

Wooden bath is easy to assemble. The assembly process is rapid and at the same installation quite easy. Also wooden bath does not require a special fit.

3. Natural ventilation.

The tree has such properties that allow natural ventilation to ensure moisture and air, thereby created the optimal ratio of air and moisture. With this indoor set favorable conditions for implementation of the bath treatment.

4. Insulation.

The thermal conductivity of the tree several times lower than, for example, the concrete or brick, so the bath, which was built of wood, very good at trapping heat. This can significantly reduce heating costs.

5. Aesthetics.

A wooden baths looks presentable and beautiful. Steam from natural timber will not require additional surface treatment. During assembly, the whole structure can be realized and the appearance of the decorative elements.


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