Slate roofing

The people of Europe, there is an expression "rock roof", which tells about the reliability and durability of the roof, made of shale. This material is also called natural slate, which means it is widely and successfully used in roofing.

The use of oil shale in the roof

Slate is a natural mineral with the origin of a few hundred or even thousands of millions of years. Breed occurs in the form of layers, which, in principle, even further simplifies its use in construction work. Already in the Middle Ages, the plates of the material covered roof illustrious seniors castles, churches, monasteries and the town hall.

Slate makes it possible to handle the most bizarre architectural details and design of the incredible form, his plate is enough flexible and bending resistant. It perfectly copes with its protective functions for two hundred years, and the main, dark gray color gives the building aristocratic and stylish. Besides shades of gray shales may be burgundy and green colors and their combination enables the roof in a variety of discreet but interesting patterns. In addition, it successfully used as a facing stone, and sometimes as a component and heavier structures. Because this time-tested material and is now recognized as one of the best and is often used for coating and decoration of elite suburban buildings.

Installation of roofing slate

To start working with slate plates are mounted on the roof rafters crate of rails, the distance between them is determined by the sheet of roofing material, and usually less than half the length of the slate tiles.

If the climatic conditions require enhanced protection from wind and cold, such flooring runs continuous from boards in the thickness of two and a half centimeters, and, in the latter case, it is recommended insulated cover and formwork plank layer vlagoottalkivayuschey film, which is attached to dryness.

The roofing slates made with several methods of laying sheets: French, German and English, which are different techniques work, and some form of stacked plates. Thus, the German method has a feature of stacking sheets of slate at a forty-five degree angle to the eaves, which makes it possible to increase the lateral area of ​​the material and strengthen it with nails to a board sheathing, thereby preventing cracking of the plates, if the adjacent shuttering boards begin to deform. Moreover, rainwater quickly runs off the roof, hitting the center of the lower leaves, and the inclination angle does not allow it to linger on the broader parts. Stacking sheets of the French method involves the use of square-shaped slate tiles, with their significant side corners chamfered and the English method, rectangular plates provide better protection against the rain, do not allow moisture to penetrate beneath the flooring.

Starting with roofing slates, always take into account the direction of the main winds, which is associated with the choice of laying direction (left or right), so that the wind could not lift plates and helps to protect the roof from the rain. Widest plates stacked at fixing gutters, however, there and start roofing and sheets already - close to the ridge of the roof. One other sheets covered with six or even nine centimeters and the smaller the angle of the roof, the greater should be covering it.

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Prices for installation of the pie for the preparation of the device of the roof
n / a Name of work Unit. Price, UAH
Cake for the preparation of the device of the roof
1 Installation mauerlat pcs. 20
2 Installation of roof system sq.m. 60
3 Installation of vapor barrier sq.m. 10
4 Installation of the bottom batten sq.m. 15
5 Installing insulation sq.m. 20
6 Installation Gidrobarer sq.m. 10
7 Installation kontrobreshetki sq.m. 10
8 Mounting batten sq.m. 20
9 Mounting plates OSB 10 mm. (Shingles) sq.m. 25
The company "WOODWILD" specializes in works on installation of complex roofs. Price per sq.m. It depends on the complexity of the roof. We also proponuemoe assistance in selecting materials and departure on obekt to measure the roof, to implement the measure is issued to the customer specifications for the desired amount of material for the roof. The cost of exit metering 300 UAH. up to 50 km. from Kiev. When ordering the installation of the roof at our company stopped payment for part of the cost of



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