The phrase "wooden house" is almost every one of us a sense of calm, clarity, imagination immediately gives us the smell of pine trees and sun. There is a good feeling that the wooden frame to protect us from the weather and the storms of life.

In recent years, it is actively construction of wooden houses . Today, many people prefer the cleaner housing from different types of wood. Sure, now the majority of the cities in your region can boast such chvleniem like construction of houses under the key with unique designs. Ready-made wooden objects occupy no less worthy place in the housing market of wood.

Строительство деревянных домов под ключ УкраинаMake a reservation at a reasonable price today is simple, we need only to drive in a search engine query construction of wooden houses prices , and to find a suitable company, such as WOODWILD , we prices for construction timber houses a widely available best. Modern wooden houses in no way inferior to their fellow erected thousands of years ago.
Today the house of the forest protects its occupants from wind, cold, rain and snow. Environmentally friendly and natural building materials will be used to protect your health and improve well-being.
The only thing that can not be called a natural material, it is an insecticide that conduct processing of wood against fungi and insects. But this stuff is harmless to humans.

Logs wooden houses have natural pores, thus retains heat well in winter and in summer - cool and ventilation.

If you're determined to make an order for the house of cylindering advised to pay attention to the following important points:

- Model of the wooden house. Ready house more advantageous in terms of cost;

- Choose a location for your home. Carefully consider and choose a location on the site, taking into account all its features and nuances;

- The issue of preservation of the home. It should get expert advice on the need to protect the walls and the foundations of the house depending on the climate in your area.

строительство деревянных домов цены

Your new home is ready to move up to 6 months, suburban construction of wooden houses It includes some technical process in which must pass the full shrinkage of the logs. Domestic work is not needed - usually enough to cover the surface of the wood varnish. In a house easily carried any communication, and it will be great to meet all the parameters of quality and comfortable housing.


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