Ceramic roof

Among all types of existing coatings most ancient considered using natural clay tiles. It is a beautiful, ecological, safe and durable material.


In addition to the ceramic roof, a natural grass and is a cement-sand tile, and its cost is much lower. Despite the fact that the form of identical tiles, ceramic tile is lighter and thinner than the cement-sand. But the main difference is used for the manufacture of the material. So, for the manufacture of ceramic tiles used natural clay, which is subsequently subjected to burn-off at high temperatures. For the manufacture of cement-sand tile is used independently prepared solution consisting of cement and sand. For a particular color pigments are added. Made tiles are dried in specially designed for this camera.

Said first type of tile, placed on said second roof, the slope of which is 10 to 90 degrees. The best option is the angle of inclination of 25 to 60 degrees.

Manufacturers producing tiles ensure its effective use for 30 - 50 years. What parameters are included in the term of operation? This, above all, resistance to mechanical stress, integrity, the ability to retain water, resistance to weather influences, to lower temperatures in the winter. However, all these characteristics are only acceptable if the tile laying performed according to the technical recommendations. And, in addition, must be complied with all conditions of transport. Minor differences in color are not the subject of the guarantee.

The principle of placing

Before you start laying the material on the roof need to pick it up on the roof. Styling itself is carried out, starting from the lower left edge, moving to the right. Because of the small size of laying tile is lapped. This process can be divided into two types: single, double. There are tiles with grooves. Laying produce overlapping single fashion. And if the tile is flat, then the dual-use method. It consists in that the tile is laid in such a way that closes the junction of two downstream (bottom row) of tiles. Such a coating provides safety and solidity of the mobility of individual particles, which easily adhere to any shape of the roof.


If the roof has a larger angle of inclination, the tile due to its impressive weight can slide that will break the monolithic coating. This can be avoided by using an auxiliary attachment to the base. There is no need to fix all the tiles, it is sufficient to provide fasteners lower, side and upper ranks.

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Prices for installation of the pie for the preparation of the device of the roof
n / a Name of work Unit. Price, UAH
Cake for the preparation of the device of the roof
1 Installation mauerlat pcs. 20
2 Installation of roof system sq.m. 60
3 Installation of vapor barrier sq.m. 10
4 Installation of the bottom batten sq.m. 15
5 Installing insulation sq.m. 20
6 Installation Gidrobarer sq.m. 10
7 Installation kontrobreshetki sq.m. 10
8 Mounting batten sq.m. 20
9 Mounting plates OSB 10 mm. (Shingles) sq.m. 25
The company "WOODWILD" specializes in works on installation of complex roofs. Price per sq.m. It depends on the complexity of the roof. We also proponuemoe assistance in selecting materials and departure on obekt to measure the roof, to implement the measure is issued to the customer specifications for the desired amount of material for the roof. The cost of exit metering 300 UAH. up to 50 km. from Kiev. When ordering the installation of the roof at our company stopped payment for part of the cost of



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