Copper seam roofing

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Patinated copper sheet roofing KME
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Oxidized copper roofing sheet KME
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Oxidized copper roof roll KME
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Oxidized copper roof roll KME
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Classic roofing sheet copper KME

Copper roof - the type of roof that can be attributed to the upper class of the roof. In addition to the beautiful appearance of the copper roof has also medicinal properties, it acts as a kind of barrier against the bactericidal effects on humans, this fact has been proven time and again by scientists worldwide.
Roof covered with copper has another very interesting property over the years in operation, it changes its color. The new copper roof copper sparkles zoltistym color, a few years later under the influence of atmospheric phenomena and the nature of the matreiala - copper roof prioretaet noble brownish tint, and within a decade the copper roof changes from brown to green-brown.

The advantages of copper roofing:

- Appearance
- Reliability
- Plasticity
- Durability
- Medical effect
- Corrosion resistance
- Environmental

Installation of copper roofing

To use the device of the roof sheet metal roofing copper - it is a plastic material that allows easy enough to install a roof or covering the most complex shapes. The main condition for the correct installation of copper roofing is to avoid contact with materials such as iron and aluminum, because their exposure may cause corrode copper sheets.
Wear-resistant, acid-resistant material - copper reliably protect your home from rain, and the environment. Mount the copper sheets is simple enough, but in cases of damage to one or more elements of the roof, replacement will not be difficult.
WOODWILD company offers its services for the installation of copper roofing specialists of our company in the short term, high quality, and at an affordable price, to replace your old roof on beautiful copper!

Prices for installation of the pie for the preparation of the device of the roof
n / a Name of work Unit. Price, UAH
Cake for the preparation of the device of the roof
1 Installation mauerlat pcs. 20
2 Installation of roof system sq.m. 60
3 Installation of vapor barrier sq.m. 10
4 Installation of the bottom batten sq.m. 15
5 Installing insulation sq.m. 20
6 Installation Gidrobarer sq.m. 10
7 Installation kontrobreshetki sq.m. 10
8 Mounting batten sq.m. 20
9 Mounting plates OSB 10 mm. (Shingles) sq.m. 25
The company "WOODWILD" specializes in works on installation of complex roofs. Price per sq.m. It depends on the complexity of the roof. We also proponuemoe assistance in selecting materials and departure on obekt to measure the roof, to implement the measure is issued to the customer specifications for the desired amount of material for the roof. The cost of exit metering 300 UAH. up to 50 km. from Kiev. When ordering the installation of the roof at our company stopped payment for part of the cost of

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