Steam from the mast

We offer you a unique solution for Ukraine - construction of a bath of carriage . Let's look at what is a carriage in the construction of wooden buildings.

Buy a bath of carriage Lafet - that beam mainly of softwood, which by means of woodworking machinery in parallel with two sides skived circularity, whereby the sides got perfectly flat geometry, and the top and bottom of the timber was rounded shape .

Feature Technology Building wooden bath from the mast is in the form of lock connection logs. Due to the ingenious design of castles and form logs in the construction of the mast no gaps, and it does not give such a large shrinkage other technology.

After the construction of a wooden sauna it should be treated with special agents that protect the wood from insects, atmospheric effects, and blue. We use only proven hi-tech means of protection - paints and varnishes companies Adler, this treatment allows to use wooden buildings for many years, and with virtually no time to spend caring for bath.

As the roof, we can offer you many different options ranging from the usual metal and ending with completely natural materials reed roof.

Order a bath of carriage

Our Company WOODWILD offers to build a wooden bath from the carriage as soon as possible for a very reasonable price. We use only clean wood from the western regions of Ukraine.

Order the construction of a bath from the mast We all love, soared in the bath or sauna, it gives us energy, health, positive mood and a feeling of lightness, so do you think that for the construction of baths should be used stone? We categorically declare that the full effects to their health from the bath you can get only if your wooden bath !

We have the opportunity to realize the project of a bath from the mast of any complexity. You can order the construction of the bath as a standard design for the project after its own design. We are not looking for easy ways, we want to build your bath of carriage which, for many years will delight you and your loved ones.

We are very glad to see you at the address Str. Last 1B, if you can not visit our office, then we go to you!


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