Bath wild frame

Price from: 350 000.00грн.
The project baths "Jockey"

We decided to build a sauna? Then you are in the right place! Our company WOODWILD qualitatively and quickly build your bath from wild carcass. We use environmentally friendly building materials have passed the certification and having all the documents.

Why should you pay attention to the bath from wild carcass?

Wooden bath built of logs neotsilindrovannyh looks more impressive and soundly, the log due to a lack of deep machining the protective layer of bark going after that extends the already not a small period of operation of such facilities. The technology in the construction of the castle logs from wild carcass is significantly better than usual. Such a lock is called the Canadian cup, or a Canadian log cabin (the names are many, but the essence is the same), & nbsp; the lock is formed in such a way that the shrinkage house logs how - to ourselves seal and clamp, which in turn, will allow without outside interference and additional works to remove the possible cracks and crevices. This & nbsp; in a wooden bath a very important indicator.

As you know Bath is not only a place where you can wash, it can be said home clinic. Those who in the area is a real wooden sauna always healthier Bole joyful and happy, so it is worth to think about it!

Building wooden bath process is quite fast, but there is little nuance, preferably after a bath assembly from the wild carcass to give it some standing time (to go through the process of shrinkage), after which you can mount the windows and doors.

But not all so sad. Today there are technologies allow just to finish all the work and start operation baths, meaning that all the elements that must be present in the openings, mounted on a so-called floating guide that makes a situation where people are now wants to begin to exploit this structure. < / p>

You can order the construction of a wooden bath as a standard design and according to its own figures, we are ready to build a bath of any complexity.


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