Bath from glued beams

Choosing a bath of laminated veneer lumber is caused by several parameters, it is the rate of the cost of the bath, the speed of assembly, attractive appearance, is also worth noting that the sauna of the laminated veneer lumber has excellent heat and sound insulation.

Our company WOODWILD & nbsp; offers order a bath of laminated veneer lumber at reasonable prices. Order a bath, you can in our office in Kyiv street. Last 1c. We can build a wooden house or a bath of any project, model, or individual. The construction of wooden houses we use only natural building materials.

Bath from glued beams features

Construction bath or house of laminated veneer lumber provides the opportunity to build a structure of almost any complexity in terms of design. Glulam is made by gluing together several bars, under high pressure, resulting in the output deck we have square or rectangular cross section. On vertical surfaces workers eat through special grooves that are made to secure the timber between a vertical wall.

The manufacturing process of wooden baths of laminated veneer lumber.

Construction of wooden baths from glued beam begins with the project when the project is selected and approved by the customer, we will calculate the final cost of the work and materials, coordinate all the details, and get to work. Construction time depends on many factors, ranging from the complexity of the project, the availability of all necessary materials, down to the banal weather conditions.

As with any building, room of laminated veneer lumber demands for a withdrawal, with proper and careful operation life of the wooden baths of laminated veneer lumber will be several decades. All wooden structures require special handling various protective structures, you need to clearly adheres to the rules of treatment, & nbsp; who will take care of your & nbsp; bath in proper condition.

We are happy to advise you on this and worrying issues regarding the construction of the tree, call, come, We are always glad to you! Phone:. (044) 222 - 70 - 21 telephone:. (098) 264 - 21 - 21 Phone:. (050) 810 - 19 - 23


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