Bath of corrugated timber

Construction Technology baths of shaped timber is the same as in the construction of rounded or laminated veneer lumber, in fact it is a game just a big constructor.

Shaped beam is produced by machining a tree trunk. Logs debarked and usually it is given the shape of a square or a rectangle when viewed in cross section. Further, as in laminated veneer lumber cut grooves and respond seats on the opposite plane, then profiled beam according to the project gets its own length and made part of the castle. It should be noted that the construction of the baths as well as shaped timber and glued all the work performed on special equipment in the factory. All timber is marked and processed according to project documents, after which there is control assembly bath, labeling each timber return dismantling, after which all & nbsp; Sets of wooden baths are transported to the installation site.

The assembly of the bath shaped timber

To begin assembly of wooden baths shaped timber, it is necessary, that would've been ready to withstand foundation. If the foundation is ready to take the wooden bath on his shoulders, then begins the process of assembly of the bath.

Best of all, when the assembly of wooden baths produce experts of the company in which you have ordered the construction of the object, in this case, the builders of WOODWILD. Bringing it to the assembly of experts will allow to collect the bath as soon as possible, you get a guarantee and assurance that everything is done correctly. In each case should work professionals, the only way possible to achieve maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

But if you think that you can handle on their own without outside help, & nbsp; this option also has the right to life, especially since the so-called house set marked and have accompanying documentation, although it is desirable to stock up before the assembly assistants, consult the manufacturer and have the necessary tools. You also need to consider the size of the profiled bars, sometimes they are really large enough and without lifting equipment you can not do.

Benefits profiled bar

Appearance (smooth)

Durability (with the right care service)


Speed ​​of installation

No need for external and internal decoration.

So if you have chosen the option of building from the baths shaped timber that does not mean that you made the right or wrong choice, you made your choice!

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