Steam from Square milled log

Price from: 240 000.00грн.
The project baths "Elizabeth"

Bath made of logs is becoming increasingly popular structure in the country or around the country house. Because we all know that it was in the bath when properly using it & nbsp; the human quality is cleared after a bath person becomes healthier, happier and kinder!

Our company offers WOODWILD ordered the construction of traditional baths of round logs. We use only environmentally friendly materials that have passed all safety checks and received the relevant certificates and passports. We have extensive experience in the construction industry, and cohesive team of specialists with high quality and fast construction works.

Wooden bath or stone?

Due to modern technology and equipment construction of a bath it does not take much time, and most importantly the cost of such structures is much cheaper than, say, build a brick or other wall materials. Well, think for yourself, what room can be made of brick? Only wooden bath can transmit full merger of man and nature.

Modern antiseptics protect your bath for a long time as the insect, and from the influence of the environment, and they are absolutely safe for the human body, so nothing to worry about.

We can offer you build a bath of round timber as the standard design, and on their own fallen. The cost of the bath depends on its configuration, the number of windows and doors, quality fittings and finishes, and many others, we have the same relationships are built with cheap bath accessories and a premium class.


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