The house is made of solid shaped timber

House profiling of solid timber meets the phrase - natuarlny house. All chashche people in our country want to live in a clean house, instead of stone and concrete "caves".
Our company offers WOODWILD build such housing together!
All you have to do is choose what you want to Thu ovy razedle projects houses from profiled bars or your own home project, and pay our job, we'll do the rest. Order construction of houses from profiled bars & nbsp; you can on our website.

Advantages of the house from a single profiled bar

shaped beam construction home from a bar shaped solid Let's try to understand what a solid shaped beam, its advantages and disadvantages.
Solid shaped beam has a smooth level surface, and a few Vido pazovki on the top and bottom of the plane. The type and number of Pazo - spines on this tool bar is mainly dependent on the manufacturer, but almost all are trying priderzhivatsya some standard forms.

House of shaped timber is going very fast, and immediately have a presentable appearance. The house from such material does not require additional costs for insulation, and exterior trim.
The cost of houses from profiled bars lower than say from kiripicha or aerated concrete. All timber is treated with special antiseptic substances (lakakmi, paints), which significantly increases its service life, as well as acting as a barrier against insects.
Build a beautiful modern & nbsp; Safe wooden house will help our specialists.
The life of a wooden house, almost as good as stone house on fire because he is not inferior.

Disadvantages house from profiled timber.

In wooden House of dry profiled beam a lot of advantages, but there are drawbacks.
Wooden house gives draft in the first year of operation, so that immediately after the construction of the house, it is desirable to give him a sediment At least for a while.
Another drawback can be called very formation of small cracks during the operation.


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