House of laminated veneer lumber

In recent years, the construction market more intensively as a building material for the construction of private houses and cottages offers a material such as laminated veneer lumber.

Advantages and disadvantages of laminated veneer lumber.

Construction of houses from glued beams, it usually takes much less time than conventional logs. This is associated with the production technology of this type of construction material. In the manufacture of conventional laminated veneer lumber board fiberized, and then glue them, turning 180 degrees. This reduces to a minimum the process of surface distortion. On the surface of the building material when natural drying and shrinkage cracks, though, but they are not so significant, and deep as when building a house of normal wood.

When ordering glulam buyer receives the same size, so there is no need to further customize the material you just collect the constructor. This significantly reduces the time of construction of the house.

In the manufacture of glued laminated wood is chemically treated in the shop, so the need for additional protection of wood against mold, fungus and bark is automatically eliminated. It is only necessary every few years to update covering protective equipment.

Of course, like any other wood, laminated veneer lumber shrinks, and the next few years after the construction of the assembly there is a need for additional insulation joints and seams. When you purchase glued timber provided with slots for heat insulation materials can be used vapor-permeable tape. It has the ability to, in response to changes in temperature and humidity, if necessary, to expand or contract. This feature ensures maximum protection against the ingress of cold air and the wind in the room.

During the construction of a wooden house is not necessary in the construction of reinforced capital base. For this is well suited weakly deepened strip foundation. This allows us to significantly save on building materials and labor for the construction of the foundation.

Thus, the construction of a country cottage of laminated veneer lumber, you will encounter less disadvantages such as shrinkage of the material, chipping and cracks on the surface, thorough insulation works. But absolutely avoid these disadvantages still fail.



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