Wooden house from wild carcass (Canadian log cabins)

One type of wooden houses is a wild frame. This is a house made of logs of different diameter, pre-peeled. The difficulty in this construction is that in preparing the log a minimum number of mechanized work, most have to do manually using an ax and a planer.

Wild Canadian log cabin cabin castle stroitelstvod houses from wild carcass

When building a house from the wild carcass is used and other technology to connect the cutting deck lock, typically used for locking the so-called Canadian technology (Canada Cup, Canada's logging). This castle is quite different from the standard used in the construction of logs.

The essence of this castle is that in place of the removed wood cup at a certain angle, thus forming a sloping surface to the top of the log bed. Why does this, it is very simple, in operation wooden house provides draft, and because such locks are made, as if the logs themselves wedge. This action leads to the fact that the appearance of cracks is almost impossible, in contrast to other methods.

The company's specialists WOODWILD have extensive experience in the construction of wooden houses, especially from wild carcass. If you decide to build a house out of wood, we urge you to pay attention to the home of the wild-log.

Advantages of houses from wild carcass

The biggest positive in the construction of houses from wild carcass, "Savage" is a unique project, you as a customer and owner of the future house can paint your house yourself. The complexity of such a project will depend only on your imagination and desires. Once you become the owner of the construction of a single instance of an exclusive home, believe me, this house is no longer anybody. Even if you intentionally ask to build two completely identical houses, it is unlikely to succeed, as well as to find two identical tree, designing the house itself may be the same, but never execution. & Nbsp; Super exclusivity! - This is what many people are attracted to the construction of a wooden house or a bath of "savage", and this is just one of the advantages of the house.

House of the wild-log has a more attractive appearance than conventional logs

Due to the unique Canadian system of locks, with time the house only gets stronger

The absence of cracks and crevices between the logs

When building a house from the wild-log is used mainly coniferous trees, with logs drying takes place directly in the construction and operation of the house.

It should also be noted that the wooden house has some performance differences, so after the construction of a log house, it is desirable to give him a dwell time, before finishing works and installation of windows and doors, a wooden house needs time to shrink and shrink much more than the stone at home. Even at & nbsp; the use of wild-log technology has a very positive point, the beam does not lose its top protective layer which is directly under the bark, which is not the treated wood, such as CYLINDRICAL or profiled bar.

House of the wild-log home is very beautiful, eco-friendly and durable. In such a house cool in summer Buda (no need to install air-conditioning) and warm in winter (heating costs of the house kept to a minimum).

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