The house is made of logs

If you wish to have a country house, the majority of people it is just wood. Modern technologies quickly tire people, glass, metal, concrete and plastic are not able to create the comfort and convenience as natural wood. Turned bar - the perfect choice if you want the material to build a strong and beautiful house. Features Square milled lumber

Round logs is one of the most popular natural building materials. It is produced by the processing of logs on specially equipped machines. During the production process they are given the correct shape and highlights the unique structure of the tree. For the production of logs used primarily softwood forest. Needles has such advantages as high density and hardness of the wood. Thanks to these properties, a house built of wood, will be durable and practically not subject to cracking and the adverse effects of environmental factors. Collecting and harvesting must be carried out only by professionals, just so you can get the high quality material, and from it - strong and safe home.

Advantages of houses from wood

Особливості замку оциліндрованих колод (бруса) Wooden houses from logs are erected quickly and easily. They are environmentally friendly, do not cause allergic reactions, so it is the right solution for families with children. Wood is the perfect combination of positive properties as cheap material and its high thermal insulation capability, so in this house during the winter will not be cold, and in summer - hot. Low thermal conductivity - is one of the major advantages of wood. The lower thermal conductivity will result in warmer house. Natural wood is also often solves an important role in the choice of building material. They stand out volatile, has a beneficial effect on our body, namely:

increases vitality;

the dream becomes strong and healthy;

have antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties.

Being in a house comfortable and pleasant, it is filled with a pleasant smell of wood. Humidity in the house made of logs is in the range 45-57%. Wood tends to equalize the humidity, which largely depends on the state of our health. Living in a house, it is not necessary even in the cold season to use a humidifier. The advantages of a house built from logs, include also those of its features:

The house can be built in a short time, and if necessary, easy to disassemble;

Housing does not require interior finishes, it is usually done only at the request of the owner of the house;

Wooden structures easier to heat, since they are endowed with high thermal conductivity properties;

Ideal for areas with any climate, because it is warm in winter and hot in summer.

Natural wood texture creates intricate and unusual patterns, which is why there is no need to spend money on interior decoration of housing.

Disadvantages of home Square milled lumber

Round logs - building material, which has virtually no drawbacks. However, determined to build a wooden house, you should familiarize yourself with some of the features of wood. After building takes some time to shrink the house. If you intend to carry out interior finishing, it can start only six months. Wood - combustible material, so in order to protect your home from fire, he needs a special impregnation. After processing round logs flame retardants will increase fire safety at home. To make sure your house made of logs had an attractive appearance after a few decades, you need to periodically renew its protective layer, because it tends to wear out. Possessing many advantages and disadvantages of having only insignificant, houses made of logs every year are finding more admirers.



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