Composite decking (Legro Ultra natural) Legros Ultra Drugs

Composite decking (Legro Ultra natural) Legros Ultra Drugs
Price from:2 937.50грн. /м.кв.
Composite decking (Legro Ultra natural) Legros Ultra Drugs Composite decking (Legro Ultra natural) Legros Ultra Drugs
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Product Code: Legro Ultra natural

Decking (decking) from Hungary - Legro Ultra Natural (Legros ultra middle) has a two-layer structure. This feature enables architects and designers to realize the most daring ideas and solutions. The cost of decking Legros in Kiev may vary according to many factors, but we try to keep the price in the most accessible part of.

It is said that perhaps the main feature of the model is Ultra Butch (Legro Ultra Natural) is the use as a coating material of increased strength, and this coating is applied to all planes decking but this protective function coating acts as an insulating material and this affects the durability, wear resistance, withstands the processes of decay and protects the board from a fungus.

List of the main advantages of decking Legro Ultra Natural

- Bilateral wear-resistant surface (texture)

- Minimal maintenance

- Resistance to organic

- Resistance to the external environment

Decking Legros ultra Butch has several colors that do not fade in the sun and do not lose their appeal over the entire lifetime, to achieve such a result was obtained thanks to the use of modern methods of color - 3D.

Buy decking of Legros, you can have our company WOODWILD at a low enough price. For all your questions happy to answer our specialists. We are always glad to see you!

Installation of decking Legros ultra Butch

To preserve the quality and guarantee proper installation decking, our company recommends that you use the services of professionals. Our experts efficiently, quickly and economically produce assembling decking (decking system) for quite sane affordable prices.

If, however, you want to make installation of terrace systems Legro Ultra Natural yourself, consult experts how best to do it. It is worth remembering that in every case there are a number of technical solutions and nuances, which are known only masters with years of experience. Order installation of decking you can simply call the company WOODWILD.

Features decking
Wood component 50%
Density 100 g / m³
Additives 5%
Polipropelen 45%
The maximum load point area 200 kg / sm.kv..
Maximum load per unit area 1,000 kg / m.

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