WPC Decking system Millboard

Price from: 7 030.00грн.
TWINSON Massive Terrace Board
Price from: 4 620.00грн.
TWINSON Terrace Terrace Board
Price from: 609.50грн.
Corner TWINSON 40х57
Price from: 421.39грн.
Corner TWINSON 40х65
Price from: 262.35грн.
 Baseboard TWINSON Terrace
Price from: 21.12грн.
Mounting clips TWINSON Massive
Price from: 18.31грн.
Mounting clips TWINSON Terrace
Terrace board brand TWINSON ("Twinson") (Belgium), manufactured by Deceuninck ("Dekönink") is a noble product whose appearance is indistinguishable from natural wood. The elegance of the material is supported by high durability. The main components are wood chips and polyvinyl chloride. Their best characteristics are combined in this model. The coating turned out with a beautiful texture, as "warm" as a real tree. And, at the same time, unpretentious and durable, like PVC. Another advantage of TWINSON is its environmental friendliness; the boards are recycled without waste.
A separate conversation deserves a wide TWINSON palette. Among the eight primary colors, you can choose the right gamut for any composition. If other shades are required, then the issue can be resolved with WOODWILD specialists.

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