Polymer & Wood Polyclinic System

Price from: 1 700.00грн.
Polymer&Wood «Massive» decking board
Price from: 1 270.00грн.
Polymer&Wood «Premium» decking board
Price from: 1 090.00грн.
Polymer&Wood «Privat» decking board
Price from: 940.00грн.
Polymer&Wood «Lite» decking board

Polymer & Wood is one of the leading enterprises in Ukraine for the production and sale of products made of wood-polymer composite - polymer board, siding, panels, fence elements, as well as necessary accessories and materials. Our products are intended for registration of various terraces and platforms, facing of walls and facades of buildings, arrangement of a fence, etc. All products "P & W" are environmentally friendly and safe in use, which is confirmed by certificates and conclusions of the state sanitary-and-epidemiological examination. The company is constantly working on improving technology and expanding the assortment of products, taking into account the inquiries and needs of consumers of our products. For the convenience of the buyers of our products, we have created a network of representative offices in Ukraine, which allows you to buy products from the PDA both in the Dnieper, Kiev and other cities of the country.


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