Imitation of beam

Imitation of beam
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Imitation of beam Imitation of beam Imitation of beam Imitation of beam Imitation of beam Imitation of beam
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Product Code: Имитация бруса

Imitation of beam (false beams) - Construction material from the timber, for facing the internal and external surfaces of the house. In our region, this finishing material has earned quite a lot of respect among builders because at the lowest cost possible to transform the house in a very short period of time. Build a new house, and quite costly in terms of money and time for business, and that's a cosmetic upgrade of the old can be a very good solution, provided that the same horse that old - this is not the 200 year-old dugout.

So using building materials such as an imitation lumber (timber trim), we can in a short time to transform the appearance of such buildings, and this can make almost anyone with basic skills to work with tool carpenter, like a hammer, saw, level, etc.

For this reconstruction you will need to first calculate the number of the dummy bar, the number of fastening material (nails or screws). After all the calculations, of course all the material you need to buy, you can make chat with us online, we can help you find high-quality building materials and take care of their delivery. Following the acquisition of false bar, you can safely proceed to its installation, it is advisable to stock up assistant, in order to speed up the process, and just for convenience.

Raised bar thanks to a special type of docking thorn - groove accurately and tight to each other, without forming cracks. Imitation of beam can be mounted directly on the wall, or pre-assembled crate. If you mount to the crate, it is possible to insert additional insulation in the cavity between the wall and cladding. Putting the first bar, then you just insert the following into the groove and fix fixture, and so on around the perimeter of the house. The ends at the junction trim bar, windows and doors can be closed by decorative elements.

After completion of the installation work, the raised timber can be covered with varnish or paint to protect it from environmental influences, and color adjustment. WOODWILD recommends that you use as a protective coating varnishes from manufacturer ADLER - a large assortment of colors, high reliability, quality guarantee.

Imitation of beam - is available, high quality, fast and environmentally friendly. Call us and our experts will help you find the right building materials.

Length 2, 3 ,4м
Material board Acacia/Spruce
Made in Ukraine
Surface Smooth

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