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Block House
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Block House Block House Block House Block House Block House Block House
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Many owners of country houses often wonder select the most suitable material for facades. The modern market can offer a huge variety of materials for exterior decoration, such as plastic, decorative plaster or natural stone. Recently, more and increasingly popular block-house, which is produced in the form of a wooden semicircular profile, which creates the effect of the wall, lined with logs out. Country house, decorated with a block house is also environmentally friendly.

Block-house made from coniferous trees, and it has a number of advantages. First of all, it is resistant to harsh weather conditions, sudden changes in temperature and heavy precipitation. This is a very durable material. In addition, the block-house hypoallergenic and, in general, safe for health, eco-friendly material. Also, block-house is characterized by high strength and resistance to external damage. Trim facade block house is quite simple, convenient and fast. Another important advantage of a block-house is a reasonable price.

Block house features

Block House is widely used for the facades of baths, arbors, attics, houses and other buildings. Thanks to sound insulation and thermal insulation properties of the block-house, inside buildings will always be warm and comfortable.

Block house sheathe the outside of the brick walls, concrete slabs and walls, constructed from foam blocks and aerocrete. Also, this material can be used for decoration of interior walls in the style of a village house with a slight tinge of French style of Provence.

Choosing a block house for interior walls, should acquire a more narrow size panels that will not be visually reduce the space in the room. Using the block-house, you can visually expand the wall or raise the ceiling. You can pick up a block house almost any color, various lengths, thicknesses and widths.

For direct wall decoration with the help of a block-house, need the material, waterproofing, timber for attachment lighthouses, means for protection of wood from corrosion, fasteners, drill, PVA glue, insulation, a jigsaw or a saw and, optionally, lacquer. Installation is recommended to start with the lower part of the walls and the panels positioned so that the projections is on top.

You also need to mention one of the most important factors when using block house facade, is the need for a protective coating, in the form of paint, varnish, or oil that will reliably protect the wood from insects, fungi and mold. The use of high-quality paints and varnishes significantly increase the life of the facade of the bar False. Our company WOODWILD rekomendet you use  paint manufacturer ADLER, reasonable price, high level of protection, rich color palette.

Block house installation

First laid waterproofing coating. Then, with an interval of sixty to seventy centimeters, set vertical beacons. After that, the insulation between the fixed beacons and closed waterproofing. Next, proceed to mount the block house. Drill holes are drilled shallow and self-tapping screws screwed into them, and then treated holes with white glue, which is mixed with sawdust.

The thickness of the block-house must conform to the thickness of the insulation, which plan to use. To prolong the life of the block-house, it has to be pre-treated with a special protective agent with antiseptic properties that will prevent contamination of the wood fungus, mold and pests. After completing installation work, leather block house wall can be covered with lacquer, but before that it is necessary to clean the dust, and when the paint dries - sand.

Price Block House
Name Size: Width Size: Thickness Length 4m - 4,5m
Block house 125 - 140 35  


Width 85/105/125/135мм
Length 3/4/4,5 м
Material board Acacia/Spruce
Made in Ukraine
Surface Smooth

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