Timber terracotta board from Termoklen

Timber terracotta board from Termoklen
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Product Code: Ромбус (Планкен) Термоклен

Dear customers, we are pleased to provide you with the opportunity to purchase one of the best materials for the front of your house - Rhombus (strip), a natural high-strength, durable and very beautiful facade material.
Facade board Rhombus (strip) is used both for external and internal decoration of buildings for commercial and private purposes.
This type of facade belongs to the category of so-called ventilated facades, which eliminates the likelihood of moldy and rotting wood. Rhombus (bracket) is available in several versions: a rectangular cross section and oblique (parallelogram).

Facade board Rhombus

Facade board Planken

The main advantages of the front board Rhombus (bracket):
1. No lock (front styling of the board takes place with a gap of a few millimeters, or overlapping)
2. Ease of installation
3. Eco-friendly natural material
4. The ability to create complex shapes of the facade without additional efforts
5. Durability
6. Unique texture
7. Ease of maintenance 8. Reasonable price


The circuit board assembly of facade

Also worth noting that the use of natural building materials from wood, such as the facade boards, it is necessary to apply protective coatings: paint, varnish, oil, etc.
This will not only give a more refined look facade of the house, but additionally protects the façade board from insects, fungi, and the environment.

Our company offers you to buy WOODWILD facade Rhombus board (strip) from Thermoklen, and purchasing protective oils and paints. Ennoble your home with the help of the front of the board of our company - you are guaranteed to get the unsurpassed view of the house for many years.


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