Rafter system

The most important step in any building is its completion. Create a roof system is of great importance in the construction of the house. This construction, depending on the material used, can be divided into different groups.


Select the desired truss system and accurately perform the installation will help the company WOODWILD, we employ real professionals roofing business. Reasonable prices and short deadlines installation - roofing our motto.

To select the most appropriate category should be based on consideration of several factors: a constant load, which is included in the total weight of the rafters, roofing materials, and additional elements. Loads which consist of rainfall in a given climate zone, regular maintenance roofing cleaning, repairs, etc. Non-standard loads that are rare in our latitudes, earthquakes, hurricanes, falling meteorites.

Installation of roof system in Kiev These factors influence the choice of a particular group. Also, be sure to take into account the size of the building, which will also have a corresponding area of ​​the roof. Obviously, the need for a giant complex of the most durable material. Therefore truss systems are classified into several types. Wooden, who are most often used in the private and low-rise construction. With a low weight, the wood does not require a complicated construction and is able to withstand certain parameters permanent and temporary loads. For example, it carries the weight of metal relaxed or natural roofing materials, as well as finding a person on it for cleaning. However, this material is quite brittle and, therefore, has a weight limit.

Metal go to the second place in popularity. They can also be used in private construction, but most metal girders used in the construction of public and commercial complexes. Thanks to them, the construction is greatly accelerated. However, it becomes more expensive because it requires the use of special equipment and machinery.

Concrete construction is impossible to build without cranes and special equipment. They have a high weight, so are able to withstand even an earthquake of certain parameters. However, the high price of reinforced concrete products only leads to their use in the construction industry.

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