Skylights assembly

The modern market is full of proposals both wooden and plastic windows for lofts, the characteristics of which fully meet a set of requirements, including the insulation properties. Manufacturers of such windows are fitted with a large number of locking points than conventional window or balcony blocks. This is done due to the nature of their placement. They are usually placed obliquely, often fitted with glass, having the ability to protect against attacks that have reflective coatings.

The place where the hangers on the doors and windows box determines the manner in which the window will be opened. The most common are the window to the secondary axial suspension. But there are models where the axis of the suspension is located on top of the window.

This allows, by turning, open the windows in combination - from the bottom and up.
On framed in such constructions are devices for ventilation, and a handle at the top or the bottom.

Wooden windows for attics usually made from specially treated pine, which protect from possible subsequent rotting in special vacuum systems. They are often treated with a polyurethane-based materials to increase resistance to moisture. Plastic windows are made from 3 or 4 chamber-chamber profile, reinforced with steel inserts. Addition to protection profiles serve as the salaries of aluminum or copper of different configurations that are selected the most appropriate to use on the roof material.

As protection from the summer heat or winter cold use curtains that serve as heat reflectors. Recent modifications mans-protective and anti smoky automation integrated into a comprehensive system of protection products.

Direct installation of roof windows should engage professionals passed certification. This is due to the increased complexity of the operations, and the presence of certain skills acquired in practice. WOODWILD Company offers to use the services of our masters for installation of roof windows - is a guarantee that the window will be installed correctly, in a short time.

Improper installation of the roof window can cause them to not leak in consequence of which the roof will leak, and the end result of the need to replace the window. Trust the responsible work to professionals who work in companies WOODWILD.

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