Adjustable Buzon supports for terraced systems

Price from: 310.28грн.
DPH-C5 Double Extension Coupling
Price from: 163.33грн.
DPH-C2 Extension sleeve
Price from: 110.56грн.
BC-BATTEN Universal latch latch
Price from: 80.00грн.
DPH-PH5 Slope correction from 0 to 5%
Price from: 60.00грн.
DCW-2B Base latch for lag
Price from: 34.17грн.
U-E20 Rubber gasket
Price from: 29.17грн.
E10 Rubber gasket
Price from: 26.39грн.
U-E20 Lightweight rubber gasket
Price from: 18.06грн.
U-E10 Lightweight rubber gasket
Price from: 10.28грн.
DCW-5R-M Plastic Stopper Middle
Adjustable supports that you can order in Kiev - this is the most advanced solution for the construction of terraces, industrial coatings, fountains, temporary floors and other.
They will allow you to raise the surface of the terrace to the desired height (from 11 to 1070 mm, depending on the model and series), and exactly, literally up to a millimeter, align it to the ideal horizontal. Each support is equipped with stiffening ribs and withstands a load of more than 1000 kg. It is possible to compensate for the slope of the base platform to 5%, using the upper and lower gradient corrector - up to 10%.
All adjustable support for the terrace, presented on our website, is made by the Belgian company BUZON. Their design is similar to a screw jack. Material - polypropylene with a service life of more than 50 years. For convenience of selection, the system of marking of different models is introduced - it includes marking from 0 to 11, and when updating the series is supplemented. This helps to select the right item.
Adjustable Buzon supports have passed multistage tests of the resistance of materials to compression. The quality of the premium class is confirmed by test reports in an independent laboratory.
Separate parts of the screw support are assembled into a single whole, like a designer. Many parts and accessories are interchangeable, which makes it possible to select the optimal equipment for the project. At the same time, they are a tough, reliable system. That is, during the installation, when the base is fixed on the support platform, and the upper part - to the outer coating, the design is 100% stable.

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