Shaped timber

Many well-known building materials is to provide a shaped beam made of pine or larch. The price of such a bar is available from our company WOODWILD.

Benefits profiled bar

Co side looks very nice;
Ability to perform corner joints;
Natural material

This material has a lot of useful features. With it, no problem to build any home. Each bar is made by means of special machines with increased efficiency. Over time, the timber is not due to spikes, vertical and propylene mezhventsovogo insulation. After drying, it does not crack and is not subjected to strain.

The release of each such timber is rather complicated process, so companies involved in their manufacture a very responsible approach to business. Installation of-blocks eliminates the formation of cracks through which moisture penetrates. Build once acquires aesthetic appearance and does not require extra work from the outside.

By choosing shaped timber is a responsible approach. Qualitatively dried almost eliminate shrinkage of the structure. If the wrong timber production will lose its quality and structure will squeak with the onset of cold weather. Therefore, we strongly recommend to buy timber from profiling WOODWILD.

The structure of the profiled beam environmentally friendly and easily erected. Also, the use of this material combines the quality and low cost.

There are several varieties of this material. One is the classic form of a rectangle or a square, which is a sawn timber subjected to minimal processing, during drying shrinkable 3-5% in the first half of operation of the structure. Another type is the complicated board, which is dried and made in the factory, thereby obtained a higher level of drying. It is smooth to the touch and the assembly house air voids are formed, allowing you to make the structure much warmer. The third type is the carriage, which is obtained by processing the material on both sides, whereby the home will be warm and the material will lead the excess moisture.
You also need to know that such a structure does not preclude the occurrence of cracks. But do not take this as a negative effect. For shaped timber is a normal phenomenon.


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