Exterior finish wooden house

Exterior finish wooden house - one of the stages of its construction. This procedure takes place in several stages, and is quite laborious and time consuming. For what need this process step when building a house out of wood?

Let's start with the fact that wooden house still more exposed to the external environment, insects, or organic, for whatever your brand new house from a frame stood more than a dozen years, it is required to process properly.

Stages exterior trim of the wooden house

Внешняя отделка деревянного дома мастерами WOODWILDThe first stage of external decoration of a wooden house can assume the primary stage of & nbsp; or draft stripping. At this stage, the wizard oshkurivayut with a grinding power tools with a large grain emery cloth, remove the top layer of wood with each stacked logs. Step draft stripping the house, depending on the amount of work involved and the number of workers may take from a few hours to a few days.

The second stage - the finish grinding the outside of the timber. This operation is carried out in the same instrument, but with less material grinding grain. This stage finishes allows us to give the house a more presentable appearance, and achieve a more pleasant tactile sensations.

The third stage - stage of the finish of the wooden house, meaning its total processing using special varnishes and paints. Use of high-quality paints and varnishes for finishing wooden house will provide reliable protection of logs and beautiful appearance.

Application of technology sanding wooden house

WOODWILD company in the construction of wooden houses from a frame uses only high-quality paints, so you can be sure of full protection of your home.


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