Construction of the foundation.

It is well known, the foundation of any building - the foundation. Type foundation for building chosen accordingly to the type of construction. A diverse selection of the type of foundation makes a choice to any builder to pick the correct name for yourself type. There are four kinds of foundations. The first type - is a floating foundation, the second type of -stolbchaty, the third type - pile, and a fourth type - belt.

Types of foundations

Type of foundation depends on what design buildings will be erected. For someone new in these matters, to understand all at once is not easy to make a choice that you need to know himself is the foundation of every kind.

The use of the tape, and columnar foundations differ depending on the size and massiveness of the building that is being built. Strip foundation is best suited for heavy structures, and columnar - for buildings that are easier. For financial investments strip foundation laying is much more expensive than laying pier foundation. According to the complexity of the construction work, these foundations also differ. The work on the tab strip foundation using reinforced concrete structure, they are placed on the corners and edges of the facilities being built, and the trench is filled in with concrete. As for laying the strip foundation need a lot of material, and this reinforcement, concrete, gravel, sand. This is a fairly long-term and laborious work. But the pier foundation is characterized by a simple set of material, which is used for the pillars. It is concrete, brick, stone or concrete. Everything is done so. Install the pillars two meters away from each other, these are the pillars of support for the entire building.

These methods are used to lay the foundation for the construction of houses, but the pile foundation is used for carrying out a large-scale construction. It differs from other species of its durability, it can withstand very massive structures. At the heart of the piles are driven into the ground. For piles use any material which may be wood, concrete, metal. If you are using a tree, it is certainly an oak, as it is characterized by its high strength and durability. He served twenty years.

Another name for a floating foundation - a foundation slab, it is a slab of reinforced concrete. The slab was installed around the perimeter of the construction, which is being built. This is a very solid foundation, but it will require you to bookmark the volume of work to carry out. to prepare the ground for the laying of the foundation. We need to be as serious financial investments for the purchase of building materials, but these costs are justified. This foundation will serve you a very long time as a monolithic slab is not subject to any damage.

If you want to choose one or the other type of foundation, be sure to take into account the parameters of structures you want to build, as well as to take into account the financial possibilities. And if your house is on the right of the foundations, it will stand for a very long period of time without causing any unnecessary trouble to their owners.


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