Glued laminated timber

In recent years, more and more houses built of wooden materials in this niche market glulam construction has taken its firm place. What kind of material where it is used, what its virtues, all of this will be discussed in this article. Glued laminated timber made of slats, that is, thin boards, connected by a glue.
Mainly used wood breed spruce, pine, at least - larch. Slat Manufacturing process long and laborious. Strips obtained by sawing logs, it further the cutting and drying. Then comes the careful selection of defect-free specimens, calibration, splicing and polishing of selected items.
After the polished planks glued together, made their trimming and profiling. In the manufacture of a timber is about five slats, glue is used more often, based on polyurethane, melamine, izoatsetatnyh compositions. The result - the exact laminated products, ready to build high-quality homes.

The advantage of laminated veneer lumber

Buy glulam in Kiev at a bargain price What are the advantages of laminated veneer lumber compared to other wood products? What kind? Significant! For example, the timing of construction of houses out of it much less than that of similar buildings of other wooden materials. In addition, since the building structure is light enough, there is no need to strengthen the foundation.
House from this material are less susceptible to cracking and shrinkage because humidity buildings constructed of laminated board is three times smaller than the other. In the production of laminated board for raw materials is not affected by any voltage, and therefore, it has no tendency to deformation as a result a durable construction. Unaffected by the house of such material, and the effects of microorganisms and decay. Since, laminated veneer lumber - a composite product, it is different fire resistance even without the additional processing and impregnation.
In contrast to the homes of other materials (for example, a simple timber) covered from the inside with plasterboard or something else, the house of laminated veneer lumber does not require finishing. They have an aesthetic look, well treated wood - in itself beautiful. Again, a good economy.
Glued laminated timber has good insulating properties, in contrast to the usual array of beams and do not require additional insulation, allows you to keep an ideal microclimate inside the house, both in winter and summer. All thanks to the density of products fit together. From this also the good performance of insulation. In these houses you feel very comfortable. Thus, the choice of the house of laminated veneer lumber - a range of practical and versatile material in this category.

Buy glued timber

Our company is engaged in construction WOODWILD turnkey wooden houses from all types of wood, inclusive, and laminated veneer lumber. In addition, we carry out the sale of laminated veneer lumber of the highest quality.
For more information about buying this type of building material, you can contact our managers by phone: (044) 222 - 70 - 21; (098) 264 - 21 - 21; (050) 810 - 19 - 23;

Prices for structural laminated veneer lumber, dry humidity 12%
The size of timber, mm UAH. / m 3
50h150 7800
Prices for dry wall glulam humidity 12%
Size bar UAH. / m 3
from 50x200 up to 220h200 9700
230h230 custom



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