Each of you must have heard of such a material as Eaves? Have you heard? Of course? Unfortunately not many people know what is edging board. What is this material?

In the first place, it should be noted that the edged board, this is a special kind of timber that has opilennye edge. That is not such a material edge that is the bark of the tree. In construction edged board, an indispensable and moreover, a very popular timber that is used in finishing and interior works. From edging boards are installed inside the building walls, made finishing facilities outside, as well as de made furniture and even the installation of roofs, laying floors, skeletons. With edged boards built fences, stairs and a lot and a lot of useful things and structures.

Raw materials used in the manufacture of edging boards, depending on the purpose and further depending on the strength of the material.

The most important criterion that should be the type of edging board is used species of trees in the wood for the manufacture of an edging board.

Eaves features

Particular attention should be paid to the variety of wood. It depends on the final outcome of the resulting material. The quality of the material affect particular characteristics of the wood. Moisture is taken into account, yielding a dried, resistance to decay and much more.

The most durable and expensive types of wood used in the furniture industry, home improvement, general interior. As for the construction, there are often used cheap wood species, of which received more affordable building material. The most popular are pine and spruce.

Unlike spruce, pine has a higher strength than the spruce. But unlike spruce, pine has a low heat conductivity. Therefore shaped board Spruce increasingly being used in interior decoration. But in the construction of scaffolds, better use of pine.

Wood, the material is much more accessible than the metal. And the cost is much cheaper. At the same time, wood is the most suitable material. Moreover, it is easy to cut, painted. In general, processed timber, is much easier compared with other types of construction material. This means that only one timber with nothing can compete. It is particularly convenient to use in the case where the damage formed in one of the spots where only the damaged section can be replaced fairly simply. Moreover, the material can be purchased in any region. So, it is widely distributed throughout the territory of any State. Also, it should be added that the possession of a unique antiseptic properties of needles, Cutting board from it the safest material. From it you can build everything from fireplaces to tables.

Edged boards are made by cutting Saw benches. However, there are several options for cutting, that is, cut the boards in several ways, or rather three. And it cut:




As for the cutting of each method, then the radial sawing boards are of the highest quality. Here special attention is paid to the middle portion of the log. It is because it is made with high quality furniture. The cost edged boards produced by radial significantly higher than boards produced by sawing other methods. Poluradialny way to cut, making the material a bit cheaper. Thus, in this form, the quantity of waste is considerably reduced. The only disadvantage of these boards is the deformation at the time of drying. Cheapest board, the board is sawn tangential way. As a result, the material is unstable to moisture and is deformed at the time of drying. The main advantage of this method is practically waste-free output and high volume. But in each case, the cut, it is only the primary processing of the material. Depending on need, the board can be sanded and planed.

The standard size of an edging board - 30 * 100 mm - 100 mm * 25 - 40 * 150 mm and a few others. All application dependent. This standard size square-edged boards to minimize material waste, which saves quite a few funds. In this connection, edged board was is and will be the most relevant and popular building material. In addition, the material is quite convenient to use, which is able to last for decades.

Price Eaves
Board Thickness mm UAH. / m 3
25 2400


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