Flooring is the oldest known since ancient times sea floor, popular and today, at the beginning of the 21st century. Among its indisputable advantages include ease of handling, availability, low cost (compared with other types of coatings made of natural wood), an attractive appearance and, of course, environmental cleanliness.

Features floor boards

Floorboards Kiev negotiated a high quality service The most commonly used for the manufacture of the board conifers: larch, spruce, pine. From deciduous varieties have spread beech, oak and maple, due to their high strength and the ability for a long time do not change their appearance. From the exotic wood used for flooring wenge, merbau, teak. The main parameter affecting the strength of the board is its thickness. It ranges from 2 cm to 6.5 cm. For residential use boards with a thickness of 2.5 cm to 3.5 cm thicker board is designed for arrangement of public buildings. The width of the floorboard is also quite important parameter selection. There are no clear standards: everything will depend on the ability of the manufacturer and the customer.

The wider the board, the fewer joints, easier to work on laying the floor, respectable appearance. On the other hand, narrow boards are useful for arranging floors in small rooms. Moreover, at the same thickness, they are more durable, small width so the board is usually used to create flooring where it will experience increased load.

Types floorboard

Massive board is made of solid wood. Its advantage - high ecological, drawback - the inability to create boards ideal geometry and perfect appearance (without knots and pitch pockets), the tendency to deformation. Spliced. Going from the individual, equal-length boards glued together.

Devoid of all the drawbacks of a massive board. The junction is only noticeable on closer inspection and a numerous small teeth. On board jointed strength characteristics is not inferior to a massive, but drawing on different parts of the tree is different. Today jointed board - the most popular option. Less often used floorboards, which simulates a piece parquet and recruited from the individual strips without finger joints. This board is sometimes called poluparketom. Each option has its own characteristics laying and maintenance rules, but, subject to compliance with wooden floors will serve you for many years, filling the house flavor and warmth of natural wood.


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