Спробуйте новий веб-переглядач із функцією автоматичного перекладу.Завантажити Google ChromeЗакрити Перекладач Today, wooden beam is used in a variety of industries and can be as basic material for building and auxiliary. Bruce most demanded lumber in construction. From building houses a bar, stairs, floors make for roofs and floors.

Wooden beams - a hewn log rectangular section, not less than 10 cm. The beam is divided by the degree of opilennosti and release:

1. Dvuhkantnye.

2. Trёhkantnye.

3. Chetyrёhkantnye.

Separation goes depending on the amount treated sides. Dvuhkantny lumber treated with two opposite sides. The most demanded length of a board of four to six meters. A width varies depending on the purpose and the future load on the material. To bar served a long time without losing its strength, when it is necessary to consider buying some nuances. The quality of the timber depends on the quality of raw materials from which it is manufactured - and the presence affects rotten areas and knots, various cracks and defects. Also of great importance is properly dried material and how much it smooth.

The pricing policy on a wooden beam depends on the type of material. There are:

- Unprofiled (normal) beam;

- Profiled;

- Glued.

Cant use

The most commonly used raw material for the production of timber - the wood of coniferous trees (cedar, pine, larch) Conventionally, the most common timber beams in the current building. Get it scabbling logs from four sides. It is cheap compared to other types of timber, but inferior to them on some indicators. Houses built in timber of this type require additional insulation of the walls and may eventually deform and shrink to the same, it is necessary to impregnate antifungals. Shaped beam is characterized by rectangular grooves in the bottom, which allows securely attach the individual beams with each other. These joints do not require additional insulation. But there are downsides to using this material - the possibility of shrinkage and deformation structures. Glued laminated timber is widely used for about thirty years ago. It is made of separate boards, dried slats that when gluing give enough strong material. Construction of such a timber gives minimal shrinkage (1%), so the construction of a more robust and durable. Glued laminated timber is high enough for the price, but the price is fully consistent with quality. To select quality timber need to carefully approach the choice of the manufacturer. Buying should be done only operate on the market on the positive side of manufacturing companies.

Prices for lumber dry
The size of timber, mm UAH. / m 3
50-50 1500


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