Canopy gable "Jolly Fisherman"

Canopy gable "Jolly Fisherman"
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Canopy gable "Jolly Fisherman" Canopy gable "Jolly Fisherman" Canopy gable "Jolly Fisherman" Canopy gable "Jolly Fisherman" Canopy gable "Jolly Fisherman"
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We offer you a simple and functional wooden shed "Jolly Fisherman". The canopy is made as a correct pryamougolnika without fenced. Material canopy dry planed pine with a protective treatment with primer and paint dark Adler.

The canopy is mounted on a special subsiding screws that allows you to adjust the geometry of the structure during operation. Since each has a wooden construction allows takiem phenomenon as the drawdown, the use of adjustments just the perfect solution to this problem.

Canopy "Jolly Fisherman" - the perfect solution for creating warm the covered area near the lake or river, you can safely place it vashyh all guests, and, if desired, also be equipped with a stove or grill it for a barbecue. Canopy open pit makes it easy to get into the area with any of its sides, there is no need to overcome obstacles such as fences.

As a roofing material used composite tile imported.

Our company offers WOODWILD to consider a proposal for the construction of a wooden shed model "Jolly Fisherman" sama like a quick and easy way to organize the covered area. Using natural materials bring you closer to solitude with nature.

For any questions otnositelsno building shelters made of wood, you can contact our office at Str. Last 1c, or call us at Tel: (044) 222 - 70 - 21; (098) 264 - 21 - 21; & nbsp; (050) 810 - 19 - 23; Also, we will be happy to send you our representative for the measurement.


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