Терраса Velux

Терраса Velux
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Терраса Velux Терраса Velux Терраса Velux Терраса Velux Терраса Velux Терраса Velux Терраса Velux
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Product Code: Терраса Velux

Company WOODWILD offers the perfect solution for compact cozy terrace on the roof of your house, terrace of Velux, simple, fast, beautiful. The kit includes a terrace just a few elements: italic GEL element that opens at the top of the axis 450  and vertical members with the right opening VEA, with left opening VEB. The castle built in the handle is mounted in both versions of the vertical member.

Pros set to create terraces
- Multi-glazed
- Comfortable interior light with excellent visibility.
- Provides a convenient way out. It can be used as an emergency exit and operational.
- Ventilation under the window is closed through the vent-window and a removable washable filter.
- The possibility of independently opening ramp.
- External surfaces are easy to clean from inside the premises.
- The window is equipped with a bracket for easy installation of curtains or blinds.
- 5-year warranty.

All your questions about the scope of a terrace you can ask our experts WOODWILD Tel: (044) 222 - 70 - 21; (098) 264 - 21 - 21; (050) 810 - 19 - 23;

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Производитель окна Velux
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