Roof window Fakro FTT U6

Roof window Fakro FTT U6
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Two-door energy-efficient glass (6H - 18 - 4HT - 18 - 3 + 3T2L), in which the outer pane - hardened (H), internal - laminated class P2A, low-emission layers 2 (T);
The boxes are installed between the glass warm distance frame TGI, whose design ensures maximum tightness and minimal heat loss;
The space between glass filled with inert gas argon;
In the broader set plastic box whose design allows a deeper set windows. Frame windows FTT U6 Thermo much wider than standard windows frame that provides additional thermal insulation and structural strength;
Box FTT U6 Thermo has 5 sealing contours, ensuring maximum sealing windows;
TopSafe system guarantees protection from the attic through the roof vlamuvannya window.

Мансардные окна
Производитель окна Fakro
Тип открывания Swivel
The axes of rotation 1
Управление Manual
The axis of the window Central

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