Roof window Fakro FPP-V U3 PreSelect

Roof window Fakro FPP-V U3 PreSelect
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Product Code: FPP-V U3 PreSelect

FPP-V U3 preSelect - a window of a new generation, which is characterized by a modern, functional construction and ease of maintenance. It has two separate functions to open the frame: the deflection and rotation. The function allows you to open the deviation in any position in a range from up and rotation function makes it possible to turn the frame on. The innovative and patented hardware box guarantees the stability of the window in and deflected in the opposite position. Change the way you can open with the switch preSelect, which is placed on the side of the box and is available after opening okna.Okno FPP-V U3 preSelect venting gap V 40, which guarantees optimum ventilation in the room when the window is closed tightly. Performance ventilation gap can be adjusted depending on potrebnosti.Vneshnie protection profiles have curved edges, which improves the aesthetic appearance of the window, and safety of use.

Technical parameters: FPP preSelect®
Ro pane: 1 & nbsp; m² ° C / W
Factor & nbsp; insulation: 32 & nbsp; dB
Class Density: IV & nbsp; highest
Insulating Glass: 4H - 16 - 4T
low-emission layer: +
Insulating Glass filled with inert gas: +
toughened glass: +
type air inlet: V40
Performance air inlet: 48 & nbsp; m³ / h
wood varnish coatings: 3 times & nbsp;
Seals: three & nbsp;
mikronahylu Function: +
Handle: Luxury & nbsp;


Мансардные окна
Производитель окна Fakro
Тип открывания Tilt & turn
The axes of rotation 1
Управление Manual and Remote
The axis of the window Raised

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