Roof window Fakro FEP L3 Panoramic

Roof window Fakro FEP L3 Panoramic
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Panoramic window FEP L3 (formerly FEL) - a type vidhylno - rotational roof window. It has a dual system of opening:

The system at 180º rotation frame allows you to conveniently wash external glass.
Great angle frame provides free access to windows and good visibility through the open window. The large size of the window frame and rejection to 68º can use it as a technological or evacuation exit.

Technical parameters: FEL
Ro pane: 1 m² ° C / W
sound insulation factor: 32 dB
Class Density: IV the highest
Insulating Glass: 4H & nbsp; - 16 & nbsp; - 33.1T
low-emission layer: +
Insulating app. an inert gas: & nbsp; +
toughened glass: +
wood varnish coatings: 2 times
Seals: three
mikronahylu Function: +
Handle: & nbsp; & nbsp; Exclusive


Мансардные окна
Производитель окна Fakro
Тип открывания Tilt & turn
The axes of rotation 1
Управление Manually
The axis of the window Raised

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