Roof window Fakro FDY-V U3 Duet proSky

Roof window Fakro FDY-V U3 Duet proSky
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Product Code: FDY-V U3 Duet proSky

In one box windows FDY-V are two frames. The top opens rotation and the axis of rotation is above half the height of the window, so that even high person is free to approach the open window. The lower frame is nevidkryvalnoyu safe and equipped with an internal Laminated glazing glass.
Only the roof box on the market, which in the roof with a slope 39˚- 43˚ meets standards DIN 5034-1 *, whereby the bottom edge of the window shall be at a height of 95 cm, and the top edge of the window at a height of at least 220 cm floor.
Window FDY-V replaces vertical combination windows, providing greater surface coverage.
The upper frame opens with the handle at the bottom of the frame. The handle also has a function mikroprovetrivaniya in 2 positions.
Equipped with automatic air inlet V40P, which provides access optimum amount of fresh air.
Frame lock is locked in position for cleaning at an angle of 160 °.

Мансардные окна
Производитель окна Fakro
Тип открывания Swivel
The axes of rotation 1
Управление Manual and Remote
The axis of the window Raised

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