Lignovit Lasur

Lignovit Lasur
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Product Code: Lignovit Lasur 53135






Thin the paint - blue, water soluble, is made of acrylic dispersion and dispersion of alkyd resins for professional and industrial applications, it has a high resistance to external influences, wear evenly during the natural aging


The coating is protected from destruction and blue mold.

Ease of processing, blocking resistance.

Fire (ÖNORM EN 13501-1) only in conjunction with poorly flammable base (plate Okoumé).

Fire resistance B
Smoke generation s2 B-s2, d0
Dripping during burning d0

Scope For wooden interior and exterior elements that do not require dimensional accuracy, for example, profile boards or balcony elements. The product is not suitable for direct contact with food or feed. Not suitable for the coating of wood that is in constant contact with the ground and / or water.
Method of application Dipping, pouring, brushing, staining for installing boards.
Preparation of the substrate Wood humidity of 12 to 15%. Suitable planed, sanded or sawn timber.
Breeding If necessary, diluted with water. The product is supplied ready to use.
The temperature of the application
and object
Not below + 10 ° C. High humidity and / or low temperatures slow down the drying process. Avoid direct sunlight (leading to accelerated drying). Store in a cool place protected from frost.
Drying time (at 20 ° C)
From adhesion of dust about 30 minutes
Suitability for grinding about 3-4 hours
Suitability for varnishing about 3-4 hours
Complete drying about 12 hours
Cleaning tools
and equipment
Tools are washed with water immediately after use.
Specific consumption
(per coat)
Consumption of about 10 m2 / l or about 100 g / m2 per application. The minimum application amount 200g / m2.
Packaging 4 L, 18 L
Shelf life Minimum 1 year in original unopened packaging.
Safety Information Comply with the requirements of the safety data sheet!

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Description of products Adler
Сonsumption of material 100-120 ml / m2
Reference 53135
Drying time 3-4 hours at +20 ° C

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