Lignovit Color

Lignovit Color
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Paints for wood Lignovit Color based on qualitative acrylic dispersion with pigments resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Wood coating paint Lignovit Color is protected against blue stain, mold and mildew for years to come.

Pros paint Lignovit Color

- Green
- Suitable for any wooden element
- Indoor and outdoor destination
- Protection against mold and mildew
- Protection from blue
- Blocking resistance


Painting Lignovit Color is widely used for the treatment of wooden structures: fences, roof systems, garden (garden) furniture, window frames, windows and doors.

Description of products Adler
Сonsumption of material 100-120 ml / m2
Reference 53223
Drying time 3-4 hours at +20 ° C

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